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This is a print we made for the 2010 Print Portfolio "Dialogue Among Civilizations". The portfolio is a project by Art for Humanity, a South African organisation from Durban that links art with human rights.


In the demilitarized Zone between North Korea and South Korea stands a government building. Inside this building there is a blue room with a blue door. In front of this door a soldier stands guard. This door is, or probably by now, was, the only way to cross the border between the two countries. On Flicker there are quite a few pictures of this room, mostly taken by South Koreans visiting relatives in the north.We took this pictures to produce an image that is, as the ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ of the 21th century, a worst case scenario when talking about the ‘Dialogue among Civilizations’, distorted and ritualised by political, cultural and economic barriers. The text also extends the metaphor to personal relations and personal identity.

Occupied with politics and identity, we came up with some more pictures...

nelson richard osame
Nelson Richard Osama

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