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The music video Lipfit is a montage of images, sound and poetry from mid-21st century activist poets, compiled by 22nd century cultural archaeologists. The poem is a manifesto of language-based resistance and future vernacular.

Text, voice & guitar : Jan Baeke
Synthezisers, sampling & mixing: Alfred Marseille
Composition & Screenplay: Jan Baeke & Alfred Marseille
Video editing: Alfred Marseille


Each of us – Juven, habib, blackawhite ones
them balking the snatch-o-bro types – aftermath life
sharp skipping away from its basic
float deeper as ourselves – in being best better

lipfit, the word that ficks times and the bug in your head

The lame locomotion deleted – by hand and mouth by other hand:
Dull guests swiped out to decay
what we have in our heart's desire
tighten the autoshame without the say

Out of us, time wells up and the future, the naphtha
the distracted words – dissociated attracted words
We don’t stride and talk, swear steady, we exorcize
shelling the sham, excavation, barehearted the matter the matter

Is the crowd standing on the horizon, it’s hit and well hit
That what bothers us, blocking us, bobstructing us will move lost
as the dickhawking, upfronternacular will; lost is lost in the end
– even then and there Hungriest Brains rushing through.

Lipfit, the word that ficks times and the bug in your head
the brandsparkling day you outsmile in your head carved at night
and its laughs cheerio jollyfracking

The big smile stood still - never lies down, no sleeps

For US not the ticking of meters, the beep on the spot
not the shrink in your heart or the shrinkage itself
not the ink and the k and the shri – NO NO NO

the long numb counting power of bros and spiration
the great depthening beep of the people like us
the beginning, the New Bang, for Self, Mob and Moddaland!

© original poem and translation: Jan Baeke, 2022. Unpublished. Note: Both the original poem and the English translation make use of mutilated and newly constructed words, as well as semantic and syntactic aberrations. The language suggests a future vernacular, not uncommonly 30, 40 years further in time.

The music for Lipfit was composed by Alfred Marseille and Jan Baeke.

Public Thought · Lipfit

Alfred Marseille: keyboards, synthesizer, samples, drum and bass patterns / audio mix
Jan Baeke: guitar, keyboards, voice, vocals

© 2022 Public Thought, Jan Baeke & Alfred Marseille