Public Thought

At the Border

Poetic reflection on the ambiguities of the refugee crisis, media coverage, extremist propaganda and EU politics.

At the Border

The scenery cannot be here
without our understanding and so can’t love.

Deep in the night where the roads end
the supplication shrinks as does the question

how another one can help us
the same us who in the flat beaten silence

of a shaky forest, hear mice
and martens rustling as well as border guards

the us who in spite of cold and rain
have to regain silence on the crying

of their drenched children.
The scenery is an idea that’s spread

around all those shopping bags.
Love is the question lying next to the bread

and the piece of sausage that’s
tucked between the children's shirts.


Completed: july 2016

Duration: 00:03:56

Format: HD video

Direction: Alfred Marseille & Jan Baeke

Screenplay: Jan Baeke & Alfred Marseille

Film & sound editing: Alfred Marseille

Text: Jan Baeke

© 2016 Public Thought, Jan Baeke & Alfred Marseille