Public Thought

Jan Baeke & Alfred Marseille
Cinépoèmes – data poems – moving shorts – speculative analysis


Screenings, exhibitions, performances, presentations

2021 - Rewriting the Future Festival, Berlin (At the Border)

2020 - ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin (Speech by the Leader on the Occasion of the Future)
2020 - Purple Mountain Theater TPM, Nanjing (At he Border)

2019 - Haus für Poesie, Berlin (At he Border)

2018 - North Cornwall Book Festival, St Endellion, UK (At he Border)

2017 - Oslo poesifilm - festival for digital og visuell poesi (At he Border)
2017 - Poesiefestival Berlin (At he Border)
2017 - Short Waves Festival, Poznan (At he Border)
2017 - Jan Campert Prijs, award ceremony, at Winternachten Festival The Hague (The Metropolitan Maze)

2016 - ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin (At the Border & Esstential Tagge)
2016 -, the online archives of Bob Tagge (Facts & Figures)

2015 - Photosynthesis, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (Facts & Figures)
2015 - Best of ZEBRA Poetry, Filmwerkstatt, Münster (The Gas Station along the Route)

2014 - ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin (The Gas Station along the Route)
2014 - ReVersed Poetry Film Festival, Amsterdam (The Trouble with Calculation)

2013 - International Film Poetry Festival, EMPROS Theatre, Athens (Rue des Abeilles, What we had has not yet been)
2013 - Dichter bij de Bezige Bij, Perdu, Amsterdam (Het tankstation op de route)
2013 - This is not a script, Art Cinema OFFoff, Gent (The Trouble with Calculation)
2013 - This is not a script, Perdu, Amsterdam (The Trouble with Calculation)
2013 - Photosynthese, Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam (Harde Cijfers)

2012 - Inventions for Radio, Concertzender (Harde Cijfers)
2012 - ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival, Berlin (Rue des Abeilles)
2012 -, Milan (Rue de Abeilles)
2012 - Meridian Czernowitz Poetry Festival, Chernivtsi, Ukraine (Rue des Abeilles)
2012 - Online presentation at (The others did it, part 3)
2012 - "What we had has not yet been" included in ELMCIP Anthology of European Electronic Literature

2011 - Online presentation at (The others did it, part 1 & 2)
2011 - Srcreening and presentation at Beijing Book Fair
2011 - Performance at Noorderzon, Groningen

2010 - Group exhibition at Dialogue among Civilizations, Durban

2009 - Performance at Media Lab, Enschede (I have wanted for him, What we had has not yet been)
2009 - Performance at e-poetry festival, Barcelona (What we had has not yet been)
2009 - Performance at Poetry International, Rotterdam (What we had has not yet been)
2009 - SCHUNCK glaspaleis, Heerlen (What we had has not yet been)

2008 - Performance at VSB Poetry Prize event, Rode Hoed, Amsterdam (I have wanted for him)

2007 - What we had has not yet been, performance at Waag Society, Amsterdam

2006 - I have wanted for him, video installation at Caesuur Gallery, Middelburg


Harde Cijfers (Facts & Figures) was made possible by a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

The others did it (De anderen hebben het gedaan) was commissioned by nY, Flemish literary-cultural website and magazine.

The Trouble with Calculation was made possible by a grant from the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

What we had has not yet been was made possible by grants from the the Dutch Foundation for Literature and the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture.

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Jan Baeke Poet, digital poet, translator, editor and curator. In 1997 his first collection of poetry, entitled Nooit zonder de paarden (Never without the horses) was published. His fourth collection Groter dan de feiten (Larger than the facts), published in 2007, was nominated for the VSB Poetry Prize, the most prestigious poetry prize in the Netherlands. In 2015 his latest collection, Seizoensroddel (Seasonal Gossip), was published. His work is published by De Bezige Bij, the largest literary publishing house in the Netherlands.An anthology of his first two collections appeared in an English translation, under the title Exercise against time, in the CCCP Translation Series (Cambridge) in 2001. Other translations of his work were published in Poetry Wales, The Amsterdam Review, Carapace, Jacket, Action Poetique, Drehpunkt, Petite and in an anthology called Le verre est un liquide lent (Farrago, 2003).

Jan Baeke translated poetry by Liz Lochhead, Lavinia Greenlaw, Deryn Rees-Jones, e.e. cummings, Norbert Hummelt, Russell Edson and Jack Spicer.

Jan Baeke is currently active for The Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam as curator and programmer. He’s also the chair of the board of the Dutch Writers Guild.

Collaboration with media artist and designer Alfred Marseille as Public Thought since 2006..

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Alfred Marseille Designer, media artist. Background in philosophy and electronic music.

Designer for interactive media since 1995. Founded design studio Zeezeilen in 2000. Clients include Royal Dutch Library, Van Gogh Museum, Dutch House of Representatives, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National ombudsman, Dutch Filmmuseum, International Institute for Social History, Maastrichtnet cultural calendar, NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Active in artist collective De Tropisten between 1987 and 1995 and again since 2011; major exhibitions and performances in Fabriek, Eindhoven, Zeebelt theatre, The Hague, Time Based Arts, Amsterdam, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Plasy monastery, Czech republic, Interazoni Festival, Cagliari, Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam, Amsterdam Light Festival 2014/15, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

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